Loaded Coronas

Loaded coronas a perfect and simple Summer cocktail. A Corona with more than just a lime.

Loaded Corona recipe

Loaded Coronas hold a special place in my heart. It is an easy Summer recipe that brings back some great memories. As some of you may know I used to live in Savannah, GA and my friends and I would spend a lot of our time out on Tybee Island. We always went to North Beach and there is this great bar right on the beach called North Beach Bar and Grill. We would go spend hours at the beach and then hit up North Beach Bar and Grill for sweet potato fries and loaded Coronas. They were magical! When we all moved away we would text threads about these loaded Coronas and how we craved them. But they used some kind of obscure liquor that I had no luck finding in the North East. 

Well last month we all decided to pack our bags and meet back in Savannah. We all hadn't been together all at the same time in almost 5 years. The first thing we did was get on our bathing suits and head out to Tybee Island for the beach and loaded Coronas. To our dismay the bar was out of the normal liquor that they load the Coronas with BUT they had a substitute that the bartender swore was as good as the original and he was right! And now this means I can make them at home and share this simple recipe with you. 

Loaded Corona

Loaded Corona Recipe

  • Corona Light
  • Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka
  • Lime Wedge
  • Bottle opener

This will be the easiest cocktail you have ever made. Take your bottle opener and pop open your bottle of Corona. Add Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka until it fills the neck of the Corona. Add your lime wedge and enjoy! 

It's a Corona with a little bit extra to take the edge off! If you need me I will be enjoying a loaded Corona on the patio. 

Loaded Corona Recipe perfect for summer

It's week two of the cocktail party! Each week myself and some of my friends will be sharing our favorite summer cocktail recipes. Don't forget to follow along and let us know what your favorite cocktails to make at home are. 

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