How to Paint a Buffalo Check Mason Jar

DIY painted buffalo check plaid mason jar. Create the perfect mason jar vase for your fall decor. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar

Mason jars are one for my favorite cheap ways to create DIY Fall decor for my home.  Most of the time I don't even need to go to the craft store I have a ton of mason jars from canning and past crafts. If we can remember the past couple Christmas' I have been obsessed with buffalo check. This buffalo check Christmas tree was one of my all time favorite trees I have ever decorated. Well when I was out at Joann Fabrics a few weeks ago I saw an orange buffalo check throw blanket that I had just fell in love with. I thought I wonder if I could incorporate orange buffalo check into my fall decor. 

Now I had seen these buffalo check mason jars done before but I had never tried to do it myself. So I figured why not give it a go. Continue to the bottom to see a video of how I created these painted plaid mason jars. 

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This month myself and 7 other bloggers will be creating fall mason jar crafts. Make sure to stick through until the end to see all of their autumn projects. We are going to be creating mason jars every 3rd Sunday for the next few months. I cannot wait to think up some other mason jar crafts. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 2

Step 1: Paint your mason jar

The first thing you want to do is paint the entire outside of the mason jar white. Now I suggest to use chalk paint as your base paint layer on your jar. I know from experience that acrylic paint likes to dry streaky on glass. Tip for painting a mason jar place your fingers inside the jar and hold it above the surface. I also stop at the bottom edge of the jar in order to place it down to dry. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 3

Step 2: Vertical Stripes

Now instead of buying two different shades of orange I mixed white and orange paint to make a light orange for my stripes. I chose a brush that was just about the width that I wanted the stripes to be.

Now I do want to warn you if you are a perfectionist this may be difficult for you. These plaid painted mason jars are what we call rustic or organic all the lines are freehand. You could do this with painters tape for perfect lines but it would be a tedious process. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 4

Step 3: Horizontal stripes

When your vertical stripe are dry its time to start painting our horizontal stripes. I tried to keep my stripes equal distance. I also think its important to put a horizontal stripe around the mouth of the jar. It almost grounds it. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 5

Step 4: Buffalo Check

Now I looked at a lot of buffalo check and what makes the pattern is that the darker check is where the two stripes cross into a "t". So at every T we are going to use a smaller brush to create a square and then fill it in with paint. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 5

Step 5: Finishing Touch

To add a finishing fall element just wrap the mouth of the mason jar in twine. I also used this in my display as a vase filling it with Hay that I picked up at the craft store. 

How to paint a buffalo check mason jar 6

Watch how to paint a buffalo check mason jar

How to paint a plaid mason jar

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