Succulents Galore!


Saturday I found myself at Ikea.... I know what your thinking Ikea on a Saturday has this girl lost her mind? But I had a friend in town that wanted to go and I can't resist a reason to go to Ikea even if it is a Saturday.  Now I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I have been wanting to liven up the house with plants. Even though it was snowing outside I can't help but be excited that it is Spring. 

image1 (2).jpeg

So naturally I ended up in the marketplace filling my cart with succulents. I often forget how cheap Ikea can be. I should shop there more often. These succulents were only 2.99 each and there was a variety of size and types. Now I know nothing of succulent so who knows which type I got or if they flower but for now they are beautiful. 

Now my thumb only has a tint of green just a slight hue maybe but I am trying. I even have these epic plans for a garden if I can figure out when to start the seedlings (I may have missed this window, still not sure). 

Now only with a slight green thumb and no soil at the house I decided to buy pots that the succulents would just slip into in their plastic casing. I know I'm kinda lazy but hey who cares they look good right? I even bought a few extra pots incase I add to the succulent family later in the season and where else can you find a pot for $1.49. ( I swear this isn't a sponsored post I just like decorating on a dime). 

So moral of the story is if you have to go to Ikea on a Saturday make the day of it. Standing inline 45 minutes to check out with 6 succulents is totally worth it when you have a new camera and these are the perfect photo subjects!

Ikea succulents