SPOOK-tacular Silhouette Giveaway

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. One of my first memories is at the Halloween Party my parents put on for the neighborhood. I remember hands free trying to eat a donut off a string quicker than anyone else to be crowned champion! Since I just moved into to my new house and I don't have any children I don't think it would ok to throw the neighborhood party just yet! So let's bring the party online. Myself and 21 other blogger have gotten together to throw a Spook-tactular Giveaway.

You guys have been raving about our last few Silhouette Gift Baskets so it's back again! We are incredibly excited to include the Silhouette roller feed (I don't even have one of these yet!), PixScan Mat (don't have one of these yet either! Jealous), loads of vinyl, Amy Chromas Engraving Tip and so much more! I really wish I could enter to win!

Need some inspiration make sure to check out all of Weekend Crafts Silhouette tutorials here.

Get to know some of our amazing hosts by clicking through to their sites. Don't forget to give them some love! Bloggers love comments! So let's get down to business! The contest runs from October 22-27th you can enter to win on the Raffle Copter below.