Curb Appeal: How to pressure wash your front steps

How to make your front steps look like new by just pressure washing.


This is a sponsored post for Ryobi Outdoors but all opinions are my own.
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After this winter my front steps needed some help! They had years worth of dirt and grime on them. In fact my front steps were just looking sad and lacking the inviting quality that front steps should have. Ryobi was kind enough to send me their 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer to tackle this project. This was the first pressure washer I have ever owned and I'm excited to give it a try. 


Your front door is a first impression of your home and it's amazing what just water can do. I eventually plan to paint these steps but we missed Spring here. It went straight to Summer. So this will have to be a fall project.


I have to admit I was bit intimidated by the machine. It felt heavy duty and I thought this will be difficult to operate on my own. Well I was wrong. I read through the instructions connected my hose plugged it in, turned the water on and I was ready to flip the on switch. It was really that easy. It took me longer to figure out which nozzle I wanted to try first. I like how there is a key printed on the machine of which nozzles do what.


My favorite is the turbo nozzle. The turbo rotates the water in a circular motion widening the cleaning path. This helps get the job done faster with less streaking. Please note use this on hard surfaces like concrete or cement. This nozzle could damage wood. 

Now I heard power washing could be cathartic but I didn't really get it until I used one. I found myself wondering what else can I power wash?! There is just something satisfying about seeing the progress or the dirt coming of instantly. It's so gratifying. I think I want to power wash the ramps going to my shed next weekend. 

Ryobi 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Quick Connect Surface Cleaner for Electric Pressure Washers

Now in addition to the nozzles that come with the pressure washer I was sent the quick connect surface cleaner. Guys this thing worked so fast! It cleans 4x faster. The surface cleaner clicks right into the wand. This would work perfect on patios, driveways and any large surfaces you want to clean. 

Make sure to check out the foam blaster I cannot wait to try this out on my car. It also works great on wood and concrete. 

IMG_0601 copy.jpg

My front steps look 1000x better. It's amazing the power of what and you know pressure. A few flowers and some new planters helped tie it all together. Now doesn't that look more inviting? I am a firm believer in first impressions.