Patio Dreams

This is a sponsored post from Wayfair but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last year I moved in right at the end of the Summer so I didn't get to enjoy my back yard as much as I would like. The back yard and patio was one of the key selling points to renting this house and with the winter we've had I am going to spend as much time as possible this Spring and Summer out here. Now I have made my little deck cute.... 

....but what would I do if I could have the patio of my dreams? You bet your butt it would be mostly turquoise with some more accents of turquoise and maybe even a chicken coop! 

Wayfair Patio Dream

My patio is where I do most of my entertaining since my house is only about 900 sq. ft. So if there are more than 5 people don't expect to get invited over in the winter! After hosting a Mother's Day cook out I realized I need a place to set down food and beverages. The Achla serving cart is a great alternative than crowding the table. While I already have an adirondack chair I don't love the color red. I would without a doubt update to the Polywood turquoise chair to match my Mermaid Blue rug.

It has always been a dream of mine to have chickens. I have the perfect back yard for it but since I rent I have a no pets policy. I am assuming chickens fall under that. Ever since my friend Ellie got chickens I have been obsessed! Check out her urban farming story here. I think she actually has this chicken coop and just painted over it herself! 

If you could have the patio of your dreams what would you do?