Mason Jar Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

Today I am sharing my favorite cold brew iced coffee recipe that can be made in a mason jar. Some may say that I am an iced coffee or maybe just coffee (in general) addict. Any where I travel I am always on the hunt for a local coffee shop. I think part of this is the coffee shop culture since I freelanced for so long and when I was in grad school that is where the majority of my work took place. Now in all these travels to coffeehouses I have developed a love for cold brew iced coffee. 

So why cold brew? Cold brew is about 60% less acidic then hot brewed coffee. By not heating the grounds you are not releasing the acid and certain oils from the bean. This will leave you with a much smoother and less bitter taste than your regular iced coffee.  So if your like me and get heartburn easily but consume lots of coffee you may want to try this. 

What exactly is cold brew? It's the process of steeping coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. So let's learn how to make our own cold brew and save a few dollars. 

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe Ingredients 

  • Mason Jar (3 cup size)
  • 4 Heaping Tbsp's Coffee grounds 
  • 3 Cups of Cold Water 
  • Strainer
  • Cheese Cloth (optional)
Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Place 4 heaping table spoons of your favorite coffee into a 3 cup mason jar. Fill the mason jar up with cold water. Now you can either stir or shake vigorously to mix the grounds and the water. Place mason jar in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Now I usually make this the night before work and let it sit for about 12 hours. 

Now that your coffee has sat for 12- 24 hours it is almost ready to drink! 

strain coffee grounds

Grab your strainer and either another mason jar or a glass and pour your iced coffee through the strainer. Now all strainers are not created equally so if you find excess ground in your coffee after straining you may want to use the cheese cloth. Lucky enough my strainer seems to catch most of the grounds allowing for a simple strain. 

How to make cold brew iced coffee

Now add your favorite creamer and maybe some sugar and enjoy your cold brew!