Life Hack: Coffee Ice Cubes

Life Hack Coffee Ice Cubes

If you don't know I am coffee obsessed. I am always looking for different ways to make coffee or how to really improve the coffee drinks I make at home. A few years ago I was on vacation and stumbled upon this coffee shop. Now one of my favorite things about exploring new areas is to check out their local coffee shops. We'll this on inparticular I have never forgotten because when I ordered my iced coffee I had seen them put in brown ice cubes. Moment of genius struck me..... They had made their ice cubes out of coffee!!! So as the ice melts your coffee doesn't get weaker it gets stronger. Mind blown. 

ingredients to make coffee iced cubes

So naturally I had to start doing this at home. This is something that I do every summer and I wanted to share this life hack as you could call it. I am hoping it will also blow your mind.


What You'll Need
• 2 cups of coffee (cold or room temperature)
• Ice Cube tray (may stain so one you can designated for just coffee)
• Freezer

Life Hack coffee iced cubes

Now I've experimented with all different flavors I tend to brew what's ever in the cupboard. Also one of my all time favorites is using a flavored coffee, usually Vanilla Caramel Creme in my Keuirg. That way if I brew a regular iced coffee the flavor really comes through as it melts. 

life hack coffee ice cubes for iced coffee

Let the iced cubes freeze for about 4 hours and you are ready to enjoy! If you are looking for a great iced coffee recipe make sure you check out my tutorial on how to cold brew your iced coffee in a mason jar.