Late Spring Early Summer Decor with Fresh Lilacs

Late Spring into early Summer decor ideas. Easy transitional farmhouse decor with vintage windows, terracotta pots and fresh lilacs. 

Spring Decor

When you live in New England you wait all Winter for Spring. When it's 40 degrees you run outside without a coat! But its truly late spring we are waiting for. It seems like it takes a turn about the first week of May when the temperature rises the rain comes and everything just turns green and blooms. 

I left for vacation and came back 10 days later and all the sudden it was Spring and my lawn was a foot tall... yes in just 10 days. It happened that quick. Well my decor needed to catch up. I hate to admit it but I still had pine cones and some Easter bunnies out on display. 

Spring Decor 3

The motivation I needed happened when I was outside doing yard work and the sweet aroma of my lilacs filled the air. Part of me wondered if I should cut a few clippings to enjoy inside. When I finished seeding the lawn I went in to find a vase. I saw these olive buckets in the basement (they usually hold little christmas trees) I tested to see if a large mason jar would fit inside and it did. Now I know lilac clippings don't last long but I am going to enjoy these while they last and then maybe switch them out with some of my faux hydrangeas as we get closer to summer.

Bird terracotta spring decor

One of my favorite things to do is to transition one season to the next using some of the same pieces of decor. Now I incorporated terracotta pots into my Easter decor. So I found these birds when I was antique shopping in New Hampshire. How cute are they with the nest and sitting inside the wreath. 

Spring Decor 2

On that same antiquing trip I found this gorgeous teal chippy window that I knew would look perfect in my living room with a wreath in it. Now I always get a lot of comments on my sunburst mirror but after 4 or 5 years I was ready for a change. Not to worry though I have plans for it in another room. 

Lilacs and olive baskets

One of my favorite decor pieces I have ever bought is the eucalyptus garland from Hobby Lobby. It just seems to work for every season and really create a layered and dimensional look on any of my shelves. 

Bird and terracotta birds nest

Now I love Spring. I love getting outdoors after being cooped up all winter. BUT as a homeowner I have a love hate relationship with Spring. It just seems like the to do list is a mile long. Especially when it comes to the amount of work that needs to be done in the yard. Thank goodness next week is a long weekend. I foresee many trips to Home Depot and Lowe's between planting, mulching and installing a privacy fence. But after the long weekend the weather will start to be consistently warmer and the outdoor furniture will come out and outdoor living and entertaining will be in full swing. I cannot wait to share my finished patio with you guys!


Happy Spring!