Jurassic Park Inspired Dinosaur Air Plant Holder

T Rex Dinosaur Toy

I've always loved Jurassic Park. My brother was obsessed with it when we were kids and I always get that sense of nostalgia when I watch it. So I was excited when they announced Jurassic World.... not to mention Chris Pratt, need I say more. I have been seeing toy dinosaurs everywhere since the movie was announced. So I picked this guy up at CVS for my desk at work. I also have a some succulents and a cactus at my desk and then it hit me why don't I make this dinosaur into an airplant holder. So on Friday T Rex went into my purse and travelled home for a bit of cosmetic surgery. 

DIY T Rex Dinosaur Planter Supplies

What you'll need

  • Hollow Toy Dinosaur (I got mine at CVS)
  • Air Plant
  • Drill
  • Scissors
DeWalt Drill

The rubber of the dinosaur was pretty thick. So I grabbed my drill and drill bit to puncture the rubber. You may need to apply a bit of pressure to break through. 

DIY T Rex Planter

Now that the "skin" is punctured take a pair of household scissors and begin to cut a circle. Cut small areas at a time until you have a circle big enough for your air plant.

T Rex Dinosaur Planter

Don't worry about it being perfect the air plant should cover the edges.

T Rex Dinosaur air plant holder planter

And its as simple as that. It only took me about 5 minutes & less than $5 and I had a T Rex air plant holder / planter.

Jurassic Park Inspired T rex Dinosaur Air Plant Holder Planter