I don't put up with craft T-shirt Tutorial

How to create a graphic T-shirt with your Cricut, HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and an Easy Press. 

I don't put up with craft

This is a sponsored post from Happy Crafters but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Today I am going to show you guys how to use Happy Crafters iron on vinyl or HTV with your Cricut to make a graphic t-shirt. Happy Crafters sells blank T-shirts and let me tell you they are soft! I am using the District Made perfect blend T-shirt in heathered teal.

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Happy Crafters Tshirts and HTV

What you'll need to make your graphic T-shirt

Let's start by opening our cut file here. Want to create your own design?! Go ahead but let me give you a tip. Use a T-shirt template!

How to create a T-shirt Template in Cricut

One of my favorite features on the Cricut are the templates. Any time I am designing a Tshirt I always select a Tshirt template this allows me to size my design and look at placement on a Tshirt digitally. So how do you create a T-shirt template in Cricut design space? 

Tshirt template cricut

In Cricut design space click templates on the left hand side. Scroll down and select they type of t-shirt you have. 

selecting a tshirt size in cricut

Once it's loaded into your design space select the type of shirt and size of the shirt and you are ready to start designing.

Now I chose to use the phrase I don't put up with craft because I thought it was cheeky and fun! Those are my favorite shirts a little more playful and make you think. 

Cricut Design Space

Above you can see the design I created for my t-shirt. Now since I want to cut these out of two different types of vinyl I did not attach them togehter with the attach tool. 

mirror your cricut design

Now with HTV projects you always want to remember to mirror your design before cutting. Set you dial to Vinyl and make sure to put the vinyl shiny side down. Place your design or words on the virtual mat to correspond with where your vinyl is on the mat. 

cutting htv on your cricut

Once your vinyl is cut remove the excess vinyl, this is called weeding. You want your lettering to stay on the shiny clear film. 

Layering HTV on a shirt

Pre heat your t-shirts. What I love about Happy Crafters is that they have instructions for the vinyl on the product pages. For these vinyls you should pre heat your shirt for 4 seconds. Then I place the both pieces of vinyl on to the shirt to layout my design. I don't use the easy press on both pieces at the same time. I laid the word craft first.

Cricut Easy Press

I set my easy press to 305 degrees and 10 seconds placed them on top of the clear film and pressed down firmly for 10 seconds. 

Happy Crafters HTV

Let the clear film cool a bit and peel it back repeat the process with the wording above. 

I don't put up with Craft T-shirt

And just like that you have a finished DIY Graphic T-shirt made with your cricut and easy press. 

How to make a graphic T-shirt.jpg
Cricut logo2-01.jpg

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