How to Install Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

Today let's talk how to install Ikea butcher block countertops. We are back at it here with the kitchen renovation and finally my ugly black formica countertops are sitting in a dump somewhere and no longer haunting me! So before we get started let's make sure you read up on how I finished these countertops with spar varnish to protect it from water, warping and stains. 

How to install ikea butcher block countertops

As you guys may remember this entire kitchen renovation started by replacing a half sized dishwasher. Which led to moving the cabinets over and being short with the existing countertop. So today is the big day it is install day! Now normally you see me installing or DIYing a lot of these projects but today is all about my brother and my dad, I was really just along to assist and learn. See my brother installed these counters a few years ago in his kitchen and really was the expert. In fact he is putting them in at my sister's house in a couple weeks. Needless to say we really like our butcher block counters in our family. 

remove old counters
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What you'll need

Finished Ikea Hammarp Butcher Block Counters
Frog Tape
Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Wood Clamps
2 Pieces of Wood
Tube of Clear Silicone
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
1 1/4 Course Thread Kreg Screws
2 1/2 Blue Kote Kreg Screws

Remove the old counter tops

Before bringing in your new counters take your old counters out. Now if your counters are in good shape and you just want to update, see if you have a local Habitat for Humanity Restore in the area. You might as well donate them. Unfortunately mine were not in good enough shape there was a lot of warping and water damage. 

set up workspace

Set up a workspace. 

For us working in the kitchen seemed to be the best option with weather. We brought up two saw horses from the basement and brought the first piece up. Now if you decide to do all your cuts in the kitchen have your shop vac ready.

Measuring countertops

Measuring your cuts

Now instead of just using a tape measurer we put the counters in place to mark our cuts. Now I purchased an Ikea Farmhouse Apron front sink. I actually chose this sink because it sets on top of the counters and there is no need to cut a hole for the sink. Making the DIY installation less daunting. 

marking cut lines with frog tape

Now once we measured where on the cabinets we wanted to counter to end we set the counter tops back on the sawhorses and measured our cuts. Using frogtape mark where to cut. 

Cutting butcher block countertops

Straight Cuts

Using two spare pieces of wood and four clamps we created a straight edge for our circular saw. This will help guide the saw and keep the cut straight. There are attachments you can purchase for your saw to assist with this but this worked just as well for us. 

Straight cut

Ending up with a nice straight cut that will fit right under the sink farmhouse sink. 

Cutting a notch for the sink

In order to fit under that sink we had to account for some cut outs. Again using frogtape we marked the indent that needed to be cut out and followed along those lines cutting with the jigsaw. 

corner template

Cutting your corner piece

Here is the best tip I am going to give you. Make sure you keep the cardboard the countertops came in. They work perfectly for making a template, if you have a corner that you need to cut at a 45 degree angle.

Measuring the corner

We placed the sink into position to get this measurement correctly. Using the piece of cardboard and an exacto knife. 

template for corner of countertop
Cutting corner of a countertop

Put your frogtape down and use the cardboard to trace your angle. Once you have your angle set up a piece of wood and clamps for your straight edge.

Corner piece

Put the countertop in place and repeat for the remaining side of the counters. 

Kreg pocket holes

Creating your corner piece of counter

The corner is the most intimidating part of the whole installation. We decided to use a kreg jig to create pocket holes on the underside of the countertops.  

pocket holes underneath corner

Drilling two pocket holes on each side of the cut about 8-12 inches apart. Make sure to set the pocket hole drill bit for the size screw you are using. 


Once you have made your pocket holes run clear silicone on the inner edge of your counters. Place the two pieces together.

screw pocketholes

Alternating sides start to screw in your pocket holes. We used the 1 1/4 course thread kreg screws I screwed one on each of the pairs alternating sides then came back and did the second screw. Once done wipe any excess silicone on each side. 

corner piece

Set the corner into place. 

attaching countertops

Make sure your counters are in place and then take your remaining screws and screw the counter tops in place. Before screwing these in make sure that the 2 1/2 screws will work for your project. You do not want a screw thats too long. 

Silicone to seal counter and sink

To create a waterproof seal around the sink we also used clear silicone. 

How to install ikea butcher block countertops

Make sure before installing your counters you take the time to properly seal and finish them. This will extend their lifetime and protect them from stains and water damage.