Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

Today I am so excited to share with you guys my farmhouse style master bedroom! Now this has been a long time coming. I have been in my house for almost a year and a half and I was still rocking my bedroom furniture from my college apartment. It was time to move on and finally create a space that reflects where I am in my life today, dare I say encroaching 30!

To move forward we must take a look at the past... or in this case the before picture!

master bedroom before

Now my style has changed a lot throughout the years but one thing has not changed, my love for teal. Now I wanted the feeling and elegance of farmhouse or provincial style but I wanted to use the walls to bring in a pop of color. I painted to room Sherwin Williams Breaktime when I first moved in. The paint color and the curtains were about the only thing staying in the room. 

Didn't that look easy?! Well it actually was. I couldn't believe how fast I got this room done from start to finish and on budget. I went to my local Raymour & Flanigan just to check out what they had in store. Now I had been looking online for months. The Fair Harbour bedroom set that I had been looking at online was not available in stores but the sales associate was super helpful. He was able to show me the Fair Harbour dining set that they did have in store. I was able to see the finish and quality. Let me tell you I was sold! In fact if my open concept kitchen/dining area was done at the house I would have also came home with that dining set! It was the perfect mix of farmhouse and French provincial style. What's great about Raymour & Flanigan is that they have free delivery 7 days a week. So I was actually able to get this delivered on a Sunday! 

Figuring out your personal style.

What I truly love about this room is that it feels like me. I've never really had a room that felt this way before. I think it's because I took the time to really reflect on what I wanted to get out of the space. I wanted a room that felt like a sanctuary or an oasis. Just a room where I could escape my day and truly relax in. Now some may say that I have jumped on the trend of farmhouse. But I feel as though farmhouse is influenced by provincial design and this is why I am drawn to it. I was lucky enough to study abroad in the Provence region in grad school. While I was there I spent time traveling the region, shopping the markets and really figuring out who I was and what was my point of view as a designer. I can't help but draw from influences from my past that made me who I am today. 

How to decorate with a farmhouse style

So how do you decorate with farmhouse style in mind? Let's look at what makes up farmhouse style. To me farmhouse reflects a mix of new with old. Mixing in live plants and floral touches. Wood grains and the mix of paint and wood, like the two tone effect on the dressers. I would also say a play on dimensions and textures, 3 dimensional art work or sculptural pieces. 

  • Florals
  • Live plants
  • Textures
  • Dimension
  • Mix of paint and wood
  • Wood grains
Photo 8:

Since the walls were the pop of color in this room I really tried to stay neutral when selecting my bedding. What's unique about this set is that it is almost an aged white or a cream. Now all the molding and the doors in the house are bright white. I used the bedding to incorporate some more white into the room. The duvet and shams are a mix of white, beige and cream. Now what I love about the Fair Harbour sleigh bed is how high the headboard is. It makes the bed feel substantial and like a focal point in the room. The height also allowed me to bring in euro sized pillows without hiding the beautiful upholstery of the headboard. 

Photo 6:

Now traditionally I would have went with a lower and longer dresser that also had a mirror but it is important to design for your space. Because my master bedroom is on the small side it really would not work in this space without the mirror blocking a window. I am actually really happy I went with a tall boy, Fair Harbour bedroom chest, I feel as though it's able to hold more clothes and fits the space proportionally. 

Photo 5:

At the end of my day I really want to relax and have some time for myself. For me that is either curling up in bed with a good book or watching my favorite tv show. Now I know having a television in your room is sometimes frowned upon but I am embracing it. I chose the Adrian accent chest because I wanted to incorporate another color into the room. I also loved the ornateness of the trim of the drawers. What I love about this piece is that it could work in any room of my house. If you haven't noticed throughout the years I am constantly switching around furniture and borrowing from other rooms. I love that this piece is versatile enough to be in my bedroom, dining room or living room but for now it is living in the master bedroom as a "tv stand." 

Overall I am really excited with how my master bedroom came out. I am proud to have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan again. This past holiday season I partnered up with Raymour & Flanigan to style and furnish a Habitat for Humanity house. I was so impressed with their community outreach and generosity that I knew this was a company that had values I could stand behind. 

Farmhouse Master Bedroom