Empty House Tour

It's finally here the day when I get to move in to my new rental house. The last year and a half I have been playing catch up with the debt I took on from grad school. I am fortunate enough to have great parents that let me move back in to work my way to being debt free (besides student loans). I really wanted to start this chapter of my life on the right foot. I am so proud of the fact that I can knowingly rent a house and not be too scared about whether I can afford it. So its time to move from my parents house and across the state line!

So enough about me... I want to show off the house. The empty house... I wanted to capture the house empty so we can both go on this journey of transformation over the coming months together. 

So a little about the house. It's in Rhode Island (moving from Massachusetts). Its a cute 2 bedroom about 900 sq. ft. with an equally large basement (can you say work shop?!). It also has a great back porch and a decent size yard (that I am eventually going to need to learn to mow eek!)

Weekend Craft Empty House Tour

Here she is! Isn't she cute?! My landlord did an awesome job a few years ago gutting her and creating this cute bungalow. Best part is my landlord lives across the street so anything I need I know where to find him. 

kitchen empty house tour
living room empty house tour

The Kitchen living room is very open floor plan flowing into one another and plenty of lighting. I am so happy to have hard woods through out and ceiling fans in every room!

hallway Empty House Tour
Bathroom Empty House Tour

My blue bathroom and my favorite part it has several built in shower shelves. 

Master Bedroom Empty House Tour

This is the master bedroom with plenty of closet space, which is what this girl needs!

Guestroom Empty House Tour

This is one of the rooms I am most excited about. I will probably spend the majority of my time in this room, the guestroom/craft room/office. Can't wait to share this with you guys once its done. I'm thinking a yellow and grey color scheme with this carpet. What do you think?

Back Porch Empty House Tour

I am not going to lie I loved this place but the back deck and sizeable yard is really what sold me on moving in. I can't wait to have people over and to have a bbq. 

Back yard Empty House Tour
fire pit empty house tour

And of course a shed to store the lawn mower and other back yard essentials. BONUS! There is an old chimney oven/fire pit that was original to the house that the landlord decided to save! Can we say S'mores!

Thanks for taking the tour with me and I can't wait to start showing you guys some of the progress that I am already making with decorating. For sneak peeks check out my instagram as I keep finding knick knacks to large ticket items to put in the house!