Antique Fork Photo Stand

Recently I helped out with one of the most breath taking Bridal Showers I had ever been to. It was for one of my best friends from high school that is getting married over seas in the fall. Needless to say it was almost a miniature wedding. It took place at the Hawthorne Inn in Historic Salem, Ma. 

The overall theme was gardening but with a Victorian inspiration. I have to share my favorite part of the shower the photo stand favors. The brides brother hand bent nearly 40 forks to hold a picture of the bride and the groom. If the bride and groom weren't stunning enough look at the finished photo stand below. 

Antique Fork Photo Stands.png

Below are the Bridal Shower invitations that I had designed for the event. Make sure to stop back again on Monday for a special Bridal Shower Round Up. 

Bridal Shower Invitation