2016 Holiday Card Trends

This is a sponsored post from Minted but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It's that time of year again. It's time to order and send out your holiday cards. Now being the crafty person that I am for years I made my holiday cards by hand. You know what I have realized as I get older? The older you get the more holiday cards you have to send out. So for the second year in a row I am partnering up with Minted to show how easy and effortless they make the holidays. 

2016 holiday card trends

So let's talk trends for 2016 holiday cards. Let's face it the card you send out says a lot about you and your family. As a graphic designer I choose Minted because it's a marketplace of independent designer from around the globe. I almost feel as though the artist is designing the card for me and I am not just plugging images into a template comparable to clip art. It feels more handcrafted and loved. 

Midnight Blues

Midnight blues are popping up all over this holiday season. I believe it is inspired by Hannukah and Christmas overlapping this year. Did you know that this only the 5th time in 100 years that the dates have overlapped?

Midnight blue holiday cards

Graphic Black & White

Who needs color when you can be bold with striking black and white graphics that make your pictures pop. 

Graphic Black and White Cards

Botanical Wreaths

This is a trend from last year that I am happy to see stay. Whether it's illustrated or hand painted botanical wreaths are perfect for holiday cards. Since I am still single with no kids these cards tend to be what I send out. It's a great option to opt out of the photo and focus on the beauty of the artwork. 

Glittery Foil

Among this year’s top trends are real foil-pressed holiday cards in gold, silver and rose gold and photo letterpress holiday cards featuring the luxurious look and feel of letterpress paired with unique inks and vibrant colors.

Foil pressed cards

Printed Envelopes

Although this isn't a trend it's my favorite part about ordering from Minted. Every card comes available with a printed envelopes that match the design of the card. Here's the best part Minted stores my address book so every year I just add a few more addressed and I am ready to go. If you don't have an address book yet send them your addresses in any format and they will build out your address book. 

Minted Envelopes

Well I am off to pick my holiday card. Now the question is which trend do I stick to? Would love to hear in the comments what your plans are for your holiday cards this year.