DIY Chair Makeover

IMG_5544 copy.jpg

Chairs are something that I seem to come across often and always at an affordable price. Now these chairs always need a little love and cleaning before I would ever let them in the house. I scored this great chair at the Brimfield Antique Market for only $5. Here is how I made it from a drab filthy chair to a cute desk or vanity chair for only $10. 


I didn't actually realize how filthy the chair was until I got out my bottle of windex. Yes windex! It is going to your best friend when cleaning up antique or yard sale finds. It's not just for windows anymore.  


The chair I bought thinking it was green was actually blue.  I don't think it had ever seen any cleaner.


Now the secret to finding cheap paint is the oop section at Lowe's or Home Depot. I found this creamy orange color for only $1 for a sample can. The sample was enought for 2 coats and I still had about half the sample left for another project. 


Now I already have this wood spray I use it on everything. You can get it on amazon or Lowe's. 


This fabric was a great score I got it on clearance for $4 a yard at Grey Fabric & Notions in the South End of Boston. I bought the fabric not knowing what I would be doing with it. This is how I buy most materials and let them inspire a project or determine a color scheme.  Visit Grey Fabric & Notions website here. They also have a great blog.


So I opted to leave the cushion on. I never really like to deal with the nails. Solution just staple over them. 


If you find yourself starting to do a lot of these projects I suggest you get a good staple gun.   This one is 20.99 at Joann's and there is almost always a 50% or 40% off coupon.


Cut fabric with about 3-4 inches beyond the cushion.


Staple fabric alway keeping it tight. Make sure to tuck the corners


Make sure to trim down the excess fabric. 


Finished project can easily be done in one day or over a weekend. Great updated look for a desk or bedroom. My dream one day is to have a farm table with all different upcycled chairs complementing each other. Need to get the house first ;) Hope you enjoyed!