Craft Fail–Why I will pay for canvas prints.

Ever have a weekend where you set aside time to get a whole bunch accomplished even some time to relax and just nothing seems to go right. That was this weekend for me. I’ve been so busy with work this holiday season that I really needed this weekend to start and finish the handmade Christmas presents I had planned.

It started to go downhill even before the weekend started. The supplies that I had ordered around thanksgiving still had not arrived and I got notification that the shipping had been delayed. 

I decided to pick a few new projects where I could source the supplies locally. I have always wanted to try to transfer a picture to canvas using medium gloss gel. I had the canvas and a 50% off coupon to buy the gel, normally 13.99.

WARNING: If you are looking for a successful tutorial this is not one. I had such a hard time with this project I wanted to share not one attempt but two. All comments suggestions and help are welcomed! But as of now I will search for groupons and deals to canvas print instead of attempting it myself. 


I started off with an 8x10 canvas, Liquitex medium gloss gel, a paint brush and my favorite picture of my parents printed on an inkjet printer. 


Cover the entire canvas with the gel. Make sure to cover all of the canvas if you miss a spot the image will not transfer. Place the photo face down on to the canvas and smooth out all the air pockets.

Let dry overnight.


Using a sponge and water saturate the canvas. 


Using your fingers lightly start to rub the paper until it starts rolling off. 


The keyword is lightly don't overwork the canvas. When you overwork the canvas this happens. The white of the canvas comes through and not in a goodway. 

take 2.jpg

Let's try this again. I painted the canvas with the gel and let it sit overnight. 


Again saturating the canvas this time starting to roll my fingers very lightly around the faces on the canvas. I had done some online research and it suggested to lightly take off the paper then let it dry and repeat the process. 


I did this about 4 times and still the canvas was covered in paper fibers and the sides of the canvas had rubbed all the way to the white. It was time to call it. This was a failed attempt to transfer an image to canvas. It was time to move on and figure out another gift to make. 


I had such a hard time with this project I felt it was important to share. Crafting is all about trial and error but also about asking for help. Again all comments and suggestions are welcomed. I have a bunch of canvas left because I was making a few of these for friends and family.


Don't worry Ginger had trapped himself in my boot box on my bed to cheer me up! (This photo was not staged my cat is just this cute and crazy).

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